Cracked, not broken

Warm winds blew the bunny’s ears back, bringing with it scents of summer and the city before him. Pensive, he considered turning back, but knew there was nothing to return to. Funny how that never seemed to comfort.

Assuring himself no others were around to see, he closed his eyes and held his paws in front of him, one facing the other. Steading his breathing, he focused and quietly beckoned. A red glow filled the space between his paws, and as he opened his eyes he saw the familiar dark lines snaking across the surface of his heart. Cracked, but not broken. He pulled the glow close and gently nuzzled it.

“I’ll find you another, once I find myself,” he whispered, then kissed his light before tucking it back inside.

He exhaled slowly, willing out fear and doubt with the stale air. Holding onto hope, with dreams of adventures to come lending him strength, he took his first step forward.