The dirge of 1000

1000 breaths hold as 1000 hearts pound, only to skip as one. 1000 voices cry out, but can’t be heard by the one fallen. 1000 hands reach out, but none can find purchase. 1000 helpless hands are cursed, unable to hold the one they need. 1000 hands can’t even hold back one tear.

Like a molten skin, 1000 empty effigies remain — warm reminders, but bereft of even one answer. 1000 questions wage war against 1000 memories, and 1000 pained voices call for blood. Through all the vigor and vitriol 1000 souls shriek with anguish, yet the effigies remain empty for lack of one.

For 1000 days love and hate grieve under one tear sky. 1000 apologies are given, 1000 regrets are lamented, and 1000 resolutions are made. 1000 head hang, but 1000 hopes peak over the horizon, so 1000 hands hold each other and brave to continue on.

1000 heavy hearts left burdened by the loss of one, but instead of seeking to make it 1001, we’ll come together until 1000 hearts beat as one, overflowing with the love they shared.